Fixing docker-machine running on MacOS Monterey

Fixing docker-machine running on MacOS Monterey

So doing some testing with an old tutorial I stumbled upon an error creating a virtual machine using the docker-machine tool. Although docker-machine is not supported anymore I found it convenient and didn't want to spend more time looking for an alternative.

Long story short (this would be a short post) if you stumble on error that you can an IP can not be assigned to the virtual machine by VBoxManage e.g.:

VBoxManage: error: Code E_ACCESSDENIED (0x80070005) - Access denied (extended info not available)
VBoxManage: error: Context: "EnableStaticIPConfig(Bstr(pszIp).raw(), Bstr(pszNetmask).raw())" at line 242 of file VBoxManageHostonly.cpp

Then the easy solution would be to create a file /etc/box/network.conf if it is not existing and add the following to it:

* ::/0

don't forget the asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line

Photo by Tom Fisk: